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9 out of 10 of the leading US home security companies rely on Z-Wave products for their home security and monitoring solutions.

Securing peace of mind

Homy Player integrates seamlessly into your home security system. The best way to deal with home invasion is to deter intruders altogether. When you’re out of town for a business trip or vacation, it’s important to make sure your home still looks lived in, and rigid pre-programmed lighting timers aren’t fooling anyone.

Plug and play

Homy Player let you control powerful IP cameras, alarms, gas and smoke detectors, water leakage, all-in-one multi-sensors and much more.

The new generation of do-it-yourself security is smarter, simpler, and more affordable than anything you’ve seen before.

Built-in security scenes

Using “scenes” and smart bulbs with motion sensors, you can coordinate your lighting schedule with your normal living patterns, and sunrise and sunset as well as ensure your house is well lit if someone approaches a door or window outside.

Your data is safe

Homy Player uses industry-standard AES128
encryption, the same protocol used in online
banking and stores all of your scenes and data
locally so there is no delay between your command
and your smart home’s response. It also has
a backup function that lets you restore your
settings on a different Homy Player device.

Tested brands

Z-Wave is the only smart home protocol dedicated to cross-brand product interoperability. Unlike competing protocols, every Z-Wave product always works with every other Z-Wave product, regardless of brand, and is backward-compatible between versions.



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